SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation

I am pleased to offer search engine optimisation services. After finding myself responsible for increasing the flow of traffic to the website of my previous employer, I spent a lot of time looking into what draws in traffic and the tricks of the trade to put your website head and shoulders above the competition.

If you have looked into this field yourself you may have already got an idea of the sheer volume of information, most of which is contradictory or requires knowledge of entire other fields of web development! It can be overwhelming. So I brushed up on what I could and then consulted with some “experts”. These “experts” charged a crazy amount of money only to tell me things I had already discovered through my research and a few things I had already found to not be true.

A few experts down and I began to realise that everybody seemed to just be guessing!

The Ever Changing Field of SEO

I continued researching the pro’s and con’s and took on the job myself. I made some bad decisions, but mostly good ones – I found out what worked and what didn’t and over the course of 2 years ended up becoming quite knowledgeable about the ever-changing field of SEO.

I have discovered what plug-ins and apps are good for monitoring and boosting traffic and visibility and how to put together detailed and intuitive reports in order to track progress.

The Service

I am happy to check your website and provide you with a no strings attached quote for free if you are interested. Having been messed around by various large companies for a lot of money, I am happy to offer a detailed and thoroughly explained step-by-step service with provable results for a reasonable cost. It is a very frustrating field to dip your toe in to and if I can spare somebody that pain and make use of my hard-earned knowledge then that would make me happy!