Book Cover Designs

Here is an incomplete list of book cover designs that I have created. Some have been for eBooks and some for print.

Creating a book cover is a complicated business. Despite what you get told all your life; people do judge books by their cover. Very much so. Otherwise, we would all be spending our time reading books that we might not even like. A lot of us do that anyway, but the book cover at least gives us a head start.

Design Theory

There are a few key steps in book cover design. One of the biggest is the difference between traditional and minimalist covers. Each has a unique aesthetic, but very different results. Specific genres favour certain approaches. It’s also worth noting that eBook covers are mostly going to be viewed as thumbnails, which need to stand out amongst the crowd. The details also have to be much larger and clearer as they are viewed on small devices quite often. Minimalism is generally best for this – or else the cover is too cluttered.