Publishing Services

For every stage of converting your manuscript to a professional looking final product.

I worked for several years in the assisted self publishing business. I learned every aspect of the job. From taking an initial very first draft of a manuscript and taking it all the way through to finished epub and mobi files, uploaded to all major vendors.

Book Covers

I’ve created Book Covers for a range of fiction and non-fiction books, across a great many genres. I’ve used image manipulation, digital illustration, classic art methods, minimalism and traditional techniques.

Stucci Blue Book Cover Digital Illustration
Stucci Cover Rogan Book Illustration
Stucci North of Himal Book Cover Illustration
Farriers Son Book Cover
Blaise Hall Cover
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Typesetting is the art of placing the words within a manuscript into what you would expect from a published book. The proper placement of contents pages, indices, bibliographies, headers, footers, page numbering, dinkus’, indenting, paragraphs, widows, orphans and all the other bizarre and loveable rules for typesetting!

Conversion to ePub, Mobi and PDF files

The book will then need to be converted in to files that e-readers can read. It will also need to be converted in a way in which it can be uploaded to print on demand services.

Uploading to Vendors

Once you have your finished files they will then need to be uploaded to the major vendors. The primary vendor would be Amazon, which also offers print on demand services. There are plenty of others that you should consider as well though, each with their own pros and cons.

These include Ingram Spark for Print on Demand services. Google Play, Kobo and iTunes also offer different markets in which you could sell your book.

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