Get Better Soon

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Get Well Soon Cards

Are your friends unwell? Do you feel responsible? Is there something you need to tell me? E-mail me, I will keep your secrets. In return, I will tell you the secrets of others.

In the meantime, you may consider getting your friend or family member a get well soon card. It shows that you care. Sending one of these bad boys means you can get out of a hospital visit. Hit it up with a balloon/bouquet combo and watch the value of your christmas presents grow.

These cards are guaranteed to make your friend or family member fully healed and free of pain. Limbs will regenerate, skin will regrow, hair will be restored along with libido and that weird smell will go away. You know the one.

*Results are not guaranteed.

Get Well Soon

Get Better Soon


I know you're not sick. I just think you could be better.