Greeting Cards are Live!

Your Body is a Temple Greeting Card

A couple of weeks ago I had the idea to try and make a greeting card every day before I started working on freelance illustration and design. I had a couple of good ideas for cards. I thought it would be fun to try and get some done and get an easy win for the day. Eventually maybe getting enough to sell.

How Did We Get Here?

I barely know. I made a couple of cards and put them on Reddit. The first did okay, but the second – Get Better Soon – blew up. It got over 1.6 thousand votes and several offers to buy the cards. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near getting these printed! I wasn’t able to do much beyond responding to these offers by telling people to sit and wait, which was excruciating.

I have since sourced a local printer who has given me a good price for printing. I’ve researched the postage costs and i’ve invested in envelopes and cellophane packets and of course greeting cards!

I rushed through some other ideas so that I had enough to make printing a large quantity worth it – as I have no idea what will sell and what won’t! I really don’t know what i’m doing just yet…

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